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THE ART OF PROCRASTINATION “I am doing WHAT?”, or the art of Procrastination. Procrastination, a beautiful word for an interesting behavioural trait in us humans. The word procrastination (even trying to spell it on the computer is an art…) is … Continued

How you think?

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The world you experience around you is the world YOU experience around you. It’s not my world, and neither is it your mother’s or father’s world (although to a certain degree it is, but more about that a little later).
You have your very own way of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling this earthly experience, which makes your viewpoint unique. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Well, keep on reading.


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WE ARE ALL BELIEVERS How do you believe? We are all believers, did you know that? Whatever your religious background or creed, you believe! Even when you are an agnostic, you believe! You might get already that I am not … Continued

Two Important Questions

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It’s time for a “rant and rave” article. Why? Well, mainly because I have been ranting and raving at myself for a bit, but also because I have had multiple clients ranting and raving about their businesses and about their seeming lack of success in them. And you know what? They ALL have the power to change their situation, quickly, effortlessly and successfully.

Apart from my expertise in personality type profiling for business and personal success, which is an art of its own, I really enjoy keeping things simple. Human beings seem to have the tendency to complicate things. Apart from that, there is a widespread belief that the more complicated something is, the more valuable and desirable it must be.

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