Marc de Bruin - Simplifying Life

Marc de Bruin - Simplifying Life

An Introduction to my Videos

Inspiration motivation
Activation energy

We have no "Self". Create whoever you want to be.
How a "Force Field Analysis" can assist you with making tough decisions in life.

How to train your brain to believe a new and BETTER "reality".
Looking for benefits and learnings can help you feel better in bad times.

Lift anxiety and depression by seeing "the other side of the coin".
How to ask the right questions for proper goal setting.

How to change your language to alleviate depression, anxiety and mental ill-health.
Stop it. Start it. Make a change to alleviate depression and anxiety.

What to do when you're in the middle of an anxiety attack?
How to manage anxiety attacks (Part 2).

How to ask the correct "Why?" question to alleviate depression.
Mindfulness Meditation. Is there a "good" or "bad" way to do this?

Mundane Task Focusing. How to actually "do" this?
The Negativity bias. How do we re-focus our brain on positivity.
Mundane Task Focusing. Attention Training.
The 1% rule; Small steps lead to big changes.