Simplifying Life. Lift anxiety and depression by seeing “the other side of the coin”.

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When we are stuck in a depressive or anxious thoughts & feelings “loop”, it seems that only one side of the story is “reality”, “the truth”. It is the one that makes us feel bad and horrible; it is the one that keeps us looping over and over again.

In times like those it appears very hard to believe -and actually observe- that there is “the other side of the coin”. The actual “truth” is that there always IS that other side. Nothing is “All Bad”. Nothing is “All Good” either; it’s a bit of both.

Knowing that there are benefits to nasty situations; good sides to bad events; help in times of trouble, can assist us with moving OUT of the depressive or anxious loop, and into a more resourceful state of mind. For years, I have been listening to people like John Demartini and Joe Dispenza, who have been proclaiming this in all their work.

This principle: “there is always a gem amongst the rubble” is one that can really help sufferers from anxiety, depression and other mental ill-health. This video delves a bit deeper into this topic.


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