Simplifying Life. How to train your brain to believe a new and BETTER “reality”.

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Our brains believe us, no matter WHAT we think. If YOU think life is “bad”, depressing and/or anxiety provoking, your brain will instruct your body to make you feel “bad”, “depressed” and “anxious”, as it believes you. What YOU think is true, your brain will believe to be true, and it will act accordingly. For your brain, it’s “real” and it is reality.

One way to create a new, better, and better feeling “reality”, is to put your thoughts under the microscope and question them for their “reality” value. Byron Katie has come up with a great “questioning process” called “The Work”, and it allows you to test the reality value of your thoughts. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is another way of “testing” your thoughts.

By letting go of old beliefs, and accepting new, better feeling ones, your “reality” will change for the better, too. It’s brain-science!