Simplifying Life. Looking for benefits and “learnings” can help you feel better in bad times.

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Recently, I discussed how our lives and life events always consist of “two sides”; both “good” and “bad”. There is never just one side to them. When we go through very stressful, depressed or anxious times, it seems “all bad”. … Continued

Simplifying Life. How a “Force Field Analysis” can assist you with making tough decisions in life.

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A Force Field Analysis helps you to think about the important factors FOR and AGAINST a choice or decision you are intending to make. It is a technique from the corporate world. originally. I find it works really well when … Continued

Simplifying Life. How to change your language to alleviate depression, anxiety and mental ill-health.

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When it comes to alleviating depression, anxiety and other forms of mental ill-health, language is massively important. “Words” are not just words and sounds, they are symbols that allow us to give (positive and negative) MEANING to events, people and … Continued

Simplifying Life. How to manage anxiety attacks, Part 2

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Along with breathing, there is another valuable tool to manage (and ultimately decrease the intensity of) panic/anxiety attacks. It has to do with a natural, biological process in our bodies: heart rate variability: the “speed” variation in your heart beats. … Continued

Simplifying life. What to do when you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack?

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Anxiety or panic attacks can be crippling. They seem entirely out of your control and take over your body and brain. There are a number of techniques you can use to manage your anxiety or panic attack, that will also … Continued

Simplifying Life. Mindfulness Meditation. Is there a “good” or “bad” way to do this?

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Mindfulness Meditation is an awesome tool to “retrain” our brain and make it work FOR us, rather than AGAINST us. Our brains are like muscles that we can work out and strengthen. If you find yourself depressed, anxious or stressed, … Continued

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